US -Harvey, Louis Powell - Governor, WI

Louis Powell Harvey:
Born: July 22, 1820

Birthplace: East Haddam Connecticut
Father: David Harvey 1792 – 1871
Mother: Almira Powell 1798 – 1876

Wife: Cordelia A. Perrine 1824 – 1895
(Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery Madison Wisconsin)

Mary Harvey 1848 – 1852
(Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery Madison Wisconsin)

Political Party: Whig Party and Republican Party


Attended Western Reserve College

Occupation before War:
School Teacher in the State of Ohio
Founded an Academy in Southport Wisconsin
1841: Wrote correspondence with the Boannergians

1843 – 1846: Editor of Southport American Newspaper
Helped organize the Republican Party in the State of Wisconsin
1854 – 1858: Wisconsin State Senator
1856 – 1857: President Pro Tempore of Wisconsin State Senate
1860 – 1862: Wisconsin State Secretary of State

Civil War Career:

1860 – 1862: Wisconsin State Secretary of State
1862: Governor of Wisconsin
1862: Organized an expedition to bring medical supplies to Wisconsin troops
1862: Visited and Cheered the Union Army at Cairo Illinois, Mound City Illinois, and Paducah Kentucky

Died: April 19, 1862
Place of Death: Savannah Tennessee
Cause of Death: Drowned in the Tennessee River
Age at time of Death: 41 years old
Burial Place: Forest Hill Cemetery Madison Wisconsin

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