"Harp of the South Awake!" - J. M. Kilgoth & C. L. Peticolas (1863) - Lyrics video

Dec 20, 2018
"Harp of the South Awake!" is a rousing Southern song from 1863 composed by J. M. Kilgoth and C. L. Peticolas.

"Harp of the South Awake!" (1863)
A Southern War Song.
Words by J. M. Kilgoth
Music by C. L. Peticolas

1. Harp of the South, awake!
From ev'ry golden wire,
Let the voice of thy power go forth,
Like the rush of the prairie fire;
With the rush and the rhythm of a power,
That dares a freeman's grave,
Rather than love to wear
The chain of a truckling slave.

Harp of the South, awake!
And strike the strain once more
Which nerv'd the heroes' hearts
In the glorious days of yore.

2. Harp of the South, awake!
Thy sons are aroused at last,
And their legions are gathering now
To the sound of the Trumpet blast;
To the scream of the piercing Fife,
And the beat of the rolling Drum,
From maintain, and hill, and plain,
And field, and town, they come.


3. Harp of the South, awake!
Their banners are on the breeze;
Tell the world how vain the thought,
To subdue such men as these--
With hero hearts that beat
To the throbs of the spirit-flame,
Which will kindle their battle-fires
In Freedom's holy name.


4. Harp of the South, awake!
Though the soldier's beaming tear
May fall on thy trembling strings,
As he breathes his farewell prayer;
Yet tell him how to die
On the bloody battle-field,
Rather than to her foes
The gallant South should yield.