US -Harding, Stephen Selwyn - Governor, UT

Stephen Selwyn Harding:
Born: February 24, 1808

Birthplace: Palmyra New York
Father: David E. Harding 1768 – 1837
(Buried: Old Milan Cemetery Milan Indiana)
Mother: Abigail Brown 1777 – 1857
(Buried: Old Milan Cemetery Milan Indiana)
Wife: Avoline Sprout 1811 – 1893
(Buried: Greendale Cemetery Greendale Indiana)
Married: October 31, 1830 in Chautauqua County New York
Selwyn Stephen Harding 1831 – 1913
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery Southgate Kentucky)
Attilius C. Harding 1836 – 1837
(Buried: Old Milan Cemetery Milan Indiana)
Attilla L. Harding 1836 – 1914
(Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery Salt Lake City Utah)
Mucidora “Musa” Harding Hillis 1840 – 1903
(Buried: Greendale Cemetery Greendale Indiana)
Anastasia “Anna” Harding Connelly 1842 – 1906
(Buried: South Park Cemetery Greensburg Indiana)

Political Party: Whig Party, Liberty Party, Peoples Party, Free Soil Party, Republican Party

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Richmond Indiana

Took a steamboat from Louisville Kentucky to New Orleans Louisiana
Unable to find employment as an Attorney in the south.
Clerk on the steamboat Belvedere on the Mississippi River
Became an abolitionist after witnessing the slave trade in New Orleans.
Attorney in Versailles Indiana
Anti – Slavery Speaker around the state of Indiana.
1842: Unsuccessful Candidate for Lt. Governor of Indiana
1844: Liberty Party Presidential Elector
1846: Unsuccessful Candidate for Lt. Governor of Indiana
1848: Indiana Delegate to Free – Soil Party National Convention.
1852: Free Soil Party Presidential Elector
1854: Speaker and Leader at People’s Party meeting
Member of Indiana State Republican Party Committee

Civil War Career:
1862 – 1863: Governor of Utah Territory
As Governor he had conflicts with the Mormon Leaders.
Issued blanket pardon for Morristies in the Mormon War.
Critical of Mormon Leaders and the act of Polygamy
1862: Defended the Anti – polygamy Act in his first speech.
1863: The Mormon citizens called for President Lincoln to dismiss Harding.
1863: Resigned as Governor of Utah Territory
1863: Resigned as U.S. Consul to Valparaiso Chile due to wife’s health.
1863 – 1865: Chief Justice of Colorado Territory
1865: responsible for certifying results of ballots to request Statehood for Colorado Territory.

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1881: Attorney and Businessman in Indiana
1881 – 1891: Suffered from the effects of blindness.
1882: Wrote a letter in The Prophet of Palmyra

February 12, 1891
Place of Death: Milan Indiana
Age at time of Death: 82 years old
Burial Place: Greendale Cemetery Greendale Indiana