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Jan 27, 2021
Boston Mass/ Seattle Wa
Hi all,

Doing some research on a NY officer's group (served in the 52nd NY and later on the staff of Gen. Robert B. Potter) I recently picked up. Ran into a bit of a roadblock with this surgeon's note.

Near as I can tell it says "he is suffering from a gunshot wound of the face. [not sure what this part says] 21st of june and is not able to travel."

Logically, I would assume that the text is about the date of the wounding. However Potter's division wasn't didn't see action on June 21. Which is why i'm second guessing. Though it’s entirely possible/probably that rebel picket scored a lucky (or rather unlucky shot) on June 21

If anybody can help w this handwriting I would be very very grateful.
Thanks in advance!

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