US Con -Hall, William Augustus - U.S. Congressman, MO

William Augustus Hall:
Born: October 15, 1815
Birthplace: Portland Maine
Father: Captain John Hancock Hall 1781 – 1841
(Buried: Hall Family Cemetery Darksville Missouri)
Mother: Statira Annie Preble 1788 – 1854
(Buried: Hall Family Cemetery Darksville Missouri)

Wife: Octavia Sebree 1827 – 1883
(Buried: Oakland Cemetery Moberly Missouri)

1st​ Lt. William Preble Hall 1848 – 1927
(Buried: Arlington National Cemetery Arlington Virginia)
U.S. Congressman Uriel Sebree Hall 1852 – 1932
(Buried: Oakland Cemetery Moberly Missouri)
Willard Cotta Hall 1854 – 1923
(Buried: Huntsville City Cemetery Huntsville Missouri)
Octavia Hall Kasey 1857 – 1939
(Buried: Oakland Cemetery Moberly Missouri)
Anna S. Hall 1859 – 1865
(Buried: Hall Family Cemetery Darksville Missouri)
Emma Hall Baskett 1867 – 1955
(Buried: Oakland Cemetery Moberly Missouri)

US Congressman Willard Preble Hall 1820 – 1882
(Buried: Mount Mora Cemetery Saint Joseph Missouri)

Political Party: Unionist Party and Democratic Party


Attended Yale College

Occupation before War:
Attorney in Huntsville Missouri
Attorney in Fayette Missouri
1847 – 1861: Judge of Fayette Missouri Circuit Court
Served in the Mexican – American War rising to Captain
1855: Presided over trial of a pregnant slave woman who murdered her master in self – defense.

Civil War Career:
1861: Delegate to Missouri State Constitutional Convention
Elected to U.S. Congress to fill explosion vacancy of John B. Clark
1862 – 1865: United States Congressman from Missouri
1862 – 1863: Member of House Pacific Railroad Committee
1863 – 1865: Ranking Member House Roads and Canals Committee
1863 – 1865: Member House Post Office Expenditures Committee
1864: Choose not to be a candidate for renomination to U.S. Congress
1864: Missouri Delegate to Democratic Party National Convention
1865: Choose not to vote in 13th​ Amendment vote.

Occupation after War:
Attorney and Farmer in Missouri

December 15, 1888
Place of Death: near Darksville Missouri
Age at time of Death: 73 years old
Burial Place: Hall Family Cemetery Darksville Missouri

Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
His seat in congress before the war was to fill the seat of John Clark, who was expelled for taking up arms against the Union. Clark earlier filled that seat when James S. Green resigned.