Guyton, Ga


First Sergeant
Jun 26, 2005
Guyton, Ga
My wife and I, tired of the high cost of living in central Fl, sold our house and settled into to the little town of Guyton, Ga. Having been here less than two weeks I have already found some interesting civil war facts and stories. One was the fact that the town is located next to the old Central Railroad that ran from Atlanta to Savanna. Sherman burned the town that had a Confederate hospital located there. The only building left standing was the Methodist Church which is still in use as of last Sunday when I attended the services there.

Just fifteen miles north of town it the is the very small town of Oliver, Ga. When I found a wide spot in the road to turn around, low and below there was a historical marker that dealt with a battle that took place there. I will have to revisit it to get more information on the site. I was also located on the Central Railroad.

I will report back soon.

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