Guide to Atlanta Campaign: Rocky Face Ridge to Kennsaw Mountain- Eds, Jay Luvvas and Harold Nelson

Jun 12, 2016
Anyone read this book mentioned in the thread on the Atlanta Campaign? If so, is the text alone sufficient to use or should I use as a supplement with other texts? Suggestions?


May 25, 2020
I have not read the book. My go to book for the Atlanta Campaign is "The Campaign for Atlanta", William R. Scaife, McNaughton & Gunn, Saline, Michigan, 1993. It's a concise document with first person excerpts and exceptional maps of the entire campaign's battles from Rocky Face Ridge to Jonesboro. At the end, it includes a short segment on the "Battle of Allatoona Pass". I will use it latter this month (October 2021) when I attempt to hike up Rocky Face Ridge, that is if I feel up to it; pretty steep.