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Vegetables Green Corn Pudding

green corn pudding
(from Miss Leslie's Complete Cookery, by Eliza Leslie, 1838)


12 ears of green corn (Indian corn)​
1 quart milk​
1/4 lb. fresh butter​
1/4 lb. sugar​
4 eggs​
serve with a sauce made with butter, sugar, and nutmeg​


Take twelve ears of green corn, as it is called, (that is, Indian corn when full grown, but before it begins to harden and turn yellow,) and grate it. Have ready a quart of rich milk, and stir into it by degrees a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, and a quarter of a pound of sugar. Beat four eggs till quite light; and then stir them into the milk, &c. alternately with the grated corn, a little of each at a time. Put the mixture into a large buttered dish, and bake it four hours. It should be eaten quite warm. For sauce, beat together butter and white sugar in equal proportions, mixed with grated nutmeg.​
To make this pudding, - you may, if more convenient, boil the corn and cut it from the cob; but let it get quite cold before you stir it into the milk. If the corn has been previously boiled, the pudding will require but two hours to bake.​

Eliza Leslie (1787-1858) was a poet and novelist, but was best known for her cookbooks. This recipe is from her book "Complete Cookery" (1838), it is considered her most important book.
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