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Discussion in 'Regimental Histories' started by major bill, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. major bill

    major bill Colonel Forum Host

    Aug 25, 2012
    Iowa's 37th Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, Iowa's Graybeats, we're not exactly a normal three year Union regiment. As the name implies this regiment had the oldest average age of any Union regiment.

    George Washington Kincaid partitioned Governor Kirkwood to raise an entire regiment of men too old to serve in the Army. Recruits were to be at least 45 years old.

    Many areas had Home Guard units made up of older men, but the 37th Iowa had to be one of the only three year Union regiments in Federal service made up of older men.

    It was recognized that men over 45 years old were past the age of men who could serve on active campaigns, but weree men that old to old for garrison or security duty? The record of the 37th Iowa showed that men this age could do this kind of service.

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