Gr-grandfather company conundrum


Apr 30, 2020
Ok, I have found my Gr-Grandfather in the 43rd Alabama Infantry and also in the 11th Alabama Infantry.
My problem is that I have documents showing he was in the 11th but he doesn't show up on any
lists that I can find that contains the soldiers of the 11th.
Then I can find him on the lists of the 43rd but can't find him any place else other than his pension records.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I would go about finding the missing information.
His Name was Virgil J. Clark(e) and he was originaly in 11th Alabama infantry got discharged in Sept of 1861,then Re-uped into the 43rd
any help would be appreciated


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Mar 15, 2013
Virgil J Clarke, enlisted June 11, 1861 at Tuscaloosa, AL into Co G, 11th Alabama for three years. Appears on Company Muster Roll for July/Aug 1861 as Present Remarks: Sick in Hospital. Appears on Company Muster Roll for Sept/Oct 1861 as Absent Remarks: Sick in Hospital Richmond VA by order Dr. Ashe. Admitted October 23, 1861 to Chimborazo Hospital Richmond, VA for chronic rheumatism. Discharged from service November 23 or 25, 1861 and paid.

Vergil J Clark, enlisted April 17, 1862 at Tuscaloosa, AL into Co H, 43rd Alabama for three years. Appears on Company Muster Roll for May 10, 1862 as Present. Appears on Company Muster Roll for May/June 1862 as Present. [At some point in 1864, he was detailed to work in the shoe factory at Tuscaloosa AL as a result of varicose veins in his left leg. Perhaps March - August.] Appears on Receipt Roll for clothing issued December 31, 1864. Appears on Company Muster Roll for Jan/Feb 1865 as Remarks: Deserted to the enemy from Picket line Front of Petersburg Jany 22, 1865. Appears on a Register of Prisoners received and disposed of by Provost Marshall Army of the Potomac Jan 22, 1865 Charges: Deserter from the enemy Remarks: Sent to Capt Potter City Point [VA] Jan 24, 1865. Sent to Washington DC Jan 27, 1865. Remarks: "Took the oath here." Appears on a Register of refugees and rebel deserters Washington, DC When received: Jan 30 1865. Where sent from: Hdqtrs A of P Action Taken: Taken oath, transportation furnished to Indianapolis, Ind.
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