Good News From Stones River Battlefield

Rhea Cole

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Nov 2, 2019
Murfreesboro, Tennessee



American Battlefield Trust

Over ten years ago, a powerful tornado tore through Stones River National Battlefield. It passed from west to east twisting full grown trees into fantastic tangles. Following the principle that every cloud has a silver liner, the tronado destroyed a large General Electric industrial building across New Nashville Hwy. After a determined five year effort by Friends of Stones River National Battlefield, the American Battlefield Trust, Tennessee Civil War Sites Preservation Fund & Tennessee Wars Commission has closed on a large tract of land that links together Stones River National Battlefield's properties.


Those of you familiar with Stones River NB will know that the artillery in this image is now the site of the National Cemetery.
Library of Congress

The land that has been preserved is to the left side of the illustration. The interpretation of that area is going to fill in a great gap in visitor's ability to comprehend what happened during the fighting on both December 31 & January 1st. The tree line on the horizon to the left of the rail road is the bank of Stones River. This new purchase links that position with the McFadden Ford property where the fifty five gun line was during Breckenridge's charge. This is a big deal for Civil War battle field preservation.
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Aug 30, 2017

“Five years ago, the protection of this site seemed an unachievable dream,” said Trust President David Duncan. “It was atop virtually every preservationist’s priority list, but we had little realistic hope of saving the largest remaining portion of the Stones River Battlefield. But sometimes miracles do happen — and we celebrate one today!”