Good Morning from the UK

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May 27, 2011
los angeles ca
Good morning. Thank you for letting me join.

I am an interested amateur with particular interest in the nineteenth century and military history, and a love of the US and US history. Have served in the UK Reserve Forces but never a regular, (no, never was a redcoat, just a bit too young! )
I haven't yet visited any civil war battlesites although I have explored the West a bit and seen the Indian War battlefields in Montana and Wyoming.

Looking forwards to the discussions and learning a lot from those who have studied the era in depth.
Welcome from Culver City,California " the heart of Screen Land".
Jul 12, 2017
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina
Welcome from God's country, the mountains of western North Carolina.

My wife is from the Peak District in Derbyshire. She came to America some years ago, I'm sure looking for a rich, handsome American, but she settled for me.

Hope you can get across the pond again and visit some of the battlefields.

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