Gods and Generals Bob Dylan 'Cross The Green Mountain" Music Video | Warner Bros. Entertainment

JD Mayo

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Jun 12, 2020
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I played this video over and over when I 1st found it until I could write down the words to every verse, it has a special meaning to me for my family that served the Old North State.

The original song on the CD album for the soundtrack is like 8 minutes and 30 seconds. The music videos are always more shorter than the original tracks. Same with Mary Fahls "Going Home" track.

Rusk County Avengers

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Apr 8, 2018
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As I read you saying that, I am immediately reminded of the montage scene from Spiderman where they're seeing different views on the Webslinger and there's this cop that says, "He stinks and I don't like him!" lol

I just don't care for him. I hear his voice and seemingly inability to modulate it properly for singing and I cringe.

Only time my ears bled it was after hearing a Bob Dylan song!:D

Pete Longstreet

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Mar 3, 2020
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I actually think the song fits it well. Good find. Considering I listen to heavy metal music... i do enjoy Bob Dylan.


Aug 30, 2020
Not really the movie of the Director's cut is way more better than the theatrical cut.

I still have to disagree. I felt it was more a movie for CW buffs and a melodramatic snooze fest at that. Glory had a tight narrative w a balanced three act structure. Gettysburg even worked in this way somewhat, Lee and Longstreet's differing opinions on how to conduct the war came to a slow boil and then exploded during Pickett's Charge. Chamberlain wasn't sure of his ability to lead these veterans and men into combat and then is tested by fire at LRT.

But there wasn't anything like that in GaG. Jackson stayed exactly the same and we watched him religiously push his men through various battles while making speeches on the cause. Zero inner conflict (which while historically accurate, only makes him interesting for CW buffs).

Chamberlain was a philosophical college professor who joined up and his only conflict was learning battalion evolutions which was a foregone conclusion that he would learn them because as they said "you pick up on things quick".

You have one of the best actors of the DeNiro/Pacino generation as Lee and you literally gave him nothing to do. And it was there. Men were so hesitant for him to take command and openly talked/plotted behind his back when he took over the ANV. Perfect for drama and for him to prove himself. Did they use this? Nope.

As other's have said, I know they wanted to do a trilogy. However, someone should of stopped them and said: This wasn't a great book and it won't hook people outside of CW buffs. Last Full Measure was better and if they had focused on the Wilderness campaign with the third act being Cold Harbour (direct co-relation to Pickett's Charge) and just focused on Grant and Lee it would of been a better film. Grant going in to confront Lee, knowing he has detractors everywhere. Conflict abounds. Lee desperately trying to fight a defensive war as supplies and men dwindle, a man mournfully aware this might be the end but fights anyway. Inner Conflict abounds. On top of that, you have a real chance to show the horrors of the CW with this campaign.

I get why you like it and not trying to detract but I don't really feel the Director's Cut added anything that wasn't already an issue in the theatrical cut.
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