Gods and Generals .... Again


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Feb 20, 2005
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I read Jeff Shaara's book after seeing the movie, and was surprised to note how many significant differences there were. For example, neither the Beale family of Fredericksburg nor their domestic slave, Martha, who were prominently featured in the movie, appear in the book at all.

Once we get past the fact that Maxwell took some artistic license by introducing characters who did not appear in the book on which he based his movie, I think you have to admire the character of Martha, who was portrayed as a sensitive, intelligent, and refined human being.

I suppose that, if Maxwell had wanted to satisfy the dictates of political correctness, he would have had to portray Martha in every bit as admirable a light as he did, while at the same time portraying her owners as cruel, brutal, and uncaring. It would have been kind of hard for me to believe that Martha could develop such a character without her employers giving the slightest bit of assistance toward her doing so, but I guess there are folks who would like to think that way.

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In being probably one of the last of the group, that hasn't seen this movie. I finally came across the video a couple of days ago. I got to watch it today, and found it very enjoyable. The acting was well done, and the photography was well set up. Not being an expert, on the facts, of the different battles and events, I didn't find any bones, to pick with about the movie, but then I wasn't looking for any. Certainly if the DVD, comes out and it is better than the video, I will have to probably break down and buy the DVD player, that I have been resisting the temptation of doing.



Feb 20, 2005
Makes sense to talk people out of a long movie. The faster you turn a patron around (for a second flick), the more ducats you take in. That's why some of the old classics were cropped.

BTW, having studied the battle of Fredericksburg extensively, I hated that portion of the movie.

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