Glaring error in new Naval history book

Apr 26, 2020
Neil's small mistake pales in comparison to all the authors who have the building of the Red Rover hospital ship being built in Cape Girardeau, MO in 1859 and mistaking J.E. Montgomery to be James E. Montgomery as the Commodore of the Mississippi River Defense Fleet. Even the government got his name wrong in the ORA and the ORN. Looking forward to the book, Neil. Any work on the Western Rivers is appreciated.


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Nov 27, 2018
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Upon the copyright page you may find First Edition, etc. and this will tell you the number of times the book has been reprinted and published. First Editions are known to have imperfect representations of a minor or major detail after the fact. The numbers of 0 through 9 is a code of printed editions also.