Gettysburg: Day Three by Jeffrey D Wert


Feb 20, 2005
There are over a thousand books written on this one particular subject. While Mr Wert adds no light to an already overtalked subject, he still adds a bit of refreshment in the book by providing not his own insight, but quotes from various letters and diaries of the actual participants. Mr Wert doesn't go into a long drawn out discussion of the previous two days of battle, but settles on a dissertation about the last day. Mr Wert, in my opinion, has shown the tragic mistakes and blunders, on both sides, that eventually led up to a Union victory at Gettysburg. Like I said, Mr Wert makes no apologies on why the South lost or why the North won. He just paints the picture with the facts that he had on hand and from perhaps the best possible source: the soldiers themselves.


First Sergeant
Feb 20, 2005
Mike, I have to go along with your comments. It was a easy read, very graphic, informative without being too technical. Maybe a good book for someone new to the battle.
Pfanz's Gettysburg-The First Day didn't break any new ground either. (It did help me get positions and direction of fighting clearer). And from others comments, it is nowhere near as good as his masterpiece "Gettysburg-Culps Hill and Cemetery Hill.