George Custer as seen by "By Valor & Arms" the Journal of American Military History.

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Aug 25, 2012
In the 1970s Valor & Arms Press put out By Valor & Arms the Journal of American Military History. Being located in Colorado many of the articles were about the Indian Wars but some issues covered Civil War subjects. George Custer was a common subject. Thee are a few article about Confederate figures. Each issue had some military art as well as articles. This one has With Custer At Appomattox. Robert G. Palmer in this issue has the article White Handled Revolvers which covers Custer's white handled revolvers as well as a nice color illustration by Reedstrom of Tom and George Custer
valor 3.jpg

Reedstrom has a nice illustration of George Custer and sitting Bull in this Special Sioux War of 1876 issue.

valor 2.jpg

Valor & Arms also published a special issue devoted to George Custer which I unwisely did not purchase in the 1970s when it was publish. I now regret not purchasing it as copies of the special Custer issue cost more today. Any forum members interest in Custer might want to keep an eye out for copies of Valor & Arms.

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