General Nathan Bedford Forrest Vest Sells For Amazing Price.

Big Sarge

Jul 19, 2014
The Forrest vest was examined by a collector who is also a surgeon. He identified the stain on the inside of the back as seepage from a wound that was healing. The doctor believes viable DNA could be recovered or at the very least to have the blood typed.

inside vest edit.jpg
wound 2 edit.jpg


Jan 2, 2020
In reference to the picture previously posted by UV Relics of Ed Bearss and John Waugh, I found the article and picture in the Fall 2003 Blue and Gray Magazine. I knew that I had read somewhere that Forrest killed Union soldiers in combat with a saber. The paragraph under the picture states: "Author Ed Bearss, with fellow historian John Waugh, holds the sword Forrest captured for himself at Trenton. The general was known to have killed several Yankees with the weapon." The article clearly states that: "On the night of the twentieth, Forrest completed requipping his command at the expense of the United States government. Forrest himself took a U.S. Dragoon saber which, after he had the regulation dull edged blade honed to razor sharpness, he used throughout the war."