General John C. Breckinridge and the Arabian Horses


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The pure Arabians and Americo-Arabs (Huntington horses); a catalogue containing history, opinions and suggestions relative to the Arabian horses and horse breeding (1908) (14579518008)

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As posted in another thread, Arabian horses were introduced by A. Keene Richards to Kentucky. Richards was a well known breeder of thoroughbreds in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. He was friends with both John Hunt Morgan and John C. Breckinridge who also were from the Lexington, Kentucky. area . Richards had a large farm in Georgetown, Ky. were he raised and bred his horses.

In the book, "The Arab Horse' written in 1906, by Spencer Borden there is story of John C. Breckinridge and Mr. Richards' Arabian horses. According to Borden, when John C. Breckinridge was escaping Federal soldiers after the Battle of Shiloh, he came to Richards' farm in Georgetown, Kentucky. He was in much need for a fresh horse. He begged Richards for a mount to escape to Richmond or friendly Confederate territory. Richards only had two half bred Arabians fillies ( half Arabian and half Thoroughbred).. He gladly gave them to Breckinridge who rode them to safety by entering Confederate lines. These horses were so swift and had so much stamina that they outlasted the Federal horses all the way.
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We LOVED our Arabians. A great thread would be a collection of Arab stories through the war, like this one. *sigh*. What a chore THAT would, horses+Civil War? Someone has to do it.

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Oh gosh, and I know a gal who has Arabians and who re-enacts too! I don’t think she is on here though! She rides side saddle.

The Godolphin Arabians were the first here in the US. Our modern versions do not look like the prototype..teacup muzzles...grumble..onion on the belt..