General Gideon Pillow- "brave old warrior"

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Apr 8, 2018
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Re-reading books on Bedford Forrest in my library just wasn't cutting it for me, so reading an online-archived copy of the "Life of Lieutenant-General Nathan Bedford Forrest" by John Allen Wyeth seemed like a grand idea. Lord knows @ucvrelics advertised it enough other Forrest related threads. (Thanks, glad you did! Saves me from borrowing a hard copy.)

I've been thoroughly enjoying the book, however, I've noticed something really off in wonderland where CW history is concerned. Wyeth first off seems to take every chance to trash General Buckner, which is understandable from certain points-of-view, (that I don't share personally), but he heaps praise on Gideon Pillow!

It really wasn't noticeable till page 56 when he described Gideon Pillow as a "brave old warrior" and he then keeps using similar ways to describe him, while seemingly throwing everyone else but Forrest under the proverbial bus with a vengeance. As much as he can in the biography so far....

I'm loving the book, and am beginning to think a lot of Forrest books I've read quoted it, but this matter of Gideon Pillow, the furthest thing possible from a "brave old warrior" in my estimation, (if anything he and Floyd are the poster children for abysmal failure political generals in the Confederate Army to me), has really caught me off guard. So much I cocked my head to the side in confusion much like my dog does when I get on to him for doing something bad.

What say y'all about this?

I wonder if he treated Pillow so kindly because Pillow told Forrest he could cut his way out when Forrest refused to surrender.