General Cheatham "absence at Resaca"


Dec 29, 2019
I have been researching a confederate Soldier of interest to me: Major Thomas Henry, who was an Aide-De-Camp to General Cheatham during the battle of Resaca. His obituary and a book on his family's history (his father was a confederate senator, Gustavus Henry) stated that at the Battle of Resaca, he briefly lead Cheatham's division during the general's absence. I have found no scholarly proof of this or that Cheatham was ever indisposed during the fight, but it seems his family had insisted that this happened.

Any idea if Cheatham was absent for any portion of this battle that would have enabled a lowly staff captain (this was prior to his promotion) to lead the division? It was also apparently during an engagement as he was wounded leading the division.

The whole story seems a little off to me, as military formations have chains of command for a reason, but truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.


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Nov 9, 2016
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Division was split up from Rocky Face to Snake Creek Gap. Cheatham couldn’t be everywhere at the same time. Losson’s account in his Bio of Cheatham doesn’t go in that much detail. He doesn’t mention Henry at Resaca. No indication Cheatham was wounded.

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