Gen John B Gordon offer to Robert E Lee


Sergeant Major
Apr 1, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
"General J. B. Gordon, President,
"Southern Life Insurance Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

"My Dear General: I have received your letter of the 3d inst., and
am duly sensible of the kind feelings which prompted your proposal.
It would be a great pleasure to me to be associated with you, Hampton,
B. H. Hill, and the other good men whose names I see on your list
of directors, but I feel that I ought not to abandon the position I
hold at Washington College at this time, or as long as I can be of
service to it. Thanking you for your kind consideration, for which
I know I am alone indebted for your proposition to become president
of the Southern Life Insurance Company, and with kindest regards to
Mrs. Gordon and my best wishes for yourself, I am,

"Very truly yours,

"R. E. Lee."

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