Period Garlic and Onion Vinegar


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Apr 18, 2019
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Yesterday was garlic pulling day - a few hours work on the easiest crop in my garden. I plant about 40 cloves each year and get enough garlic to plant next years crop and season months of cooking. But, no matter how carefully I dry the heads, they don't last through the winter. I searched out a way to preserve some of that garlic goodness and found this recipe -

Garlic and Onion Vinegar

Chop two ounces of the root, put it in a bottle, pour over it a quart of the best vinegar, and shake it well every day for ten days; then pour off the clear liquor into half-pint bottles. A few drops of the garlic will flavor a pint of gravy, as it is very powerful.

Recipe source - The Southern Gardener and Receipt Book by Mary L. Edgeworth, published in Philadelphia in 1860, available online at
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