Galveston Area Shipyards and CS Ships 11/64 - 2/65


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From National Archives, Record Group 109, Chapter 2, Volume 104, Special Orders of District of Texas, New Mexico & Arizona

SO 62 Anderson Tex, November 11, 1864
6. Capt. W. Herbert Beazley is hereby authorized and directed to hire or impress the number of wagons, teams and horses necessary to transport materials for building flat boats, to the Boat Yard at Magnolia, and two other Boat Yards on the Trinity River under his superintendence.

SO 81 Anderson Tex, November 30, 1864
10. In anticipation of the transfer of the Steamers of the Marine Department to the Quartermasters Dept, Capt Thos Chubb is hereby placed in charge of the Ship Yard at Lynchburg, and will at once enter upon the discharge of his duties. All employees, material etc at this Ship Yard will be under his control.

14. Capt. H. S. Lubbock, Comdg the Marine Dept, will turn over to Maj. R H. Dyer Chf QM, Defense Galveston the following vessels, viz:
The Steamboats Col Stell, Mary Hill, Lone Star, and Orizaba and
The Schooners Mary Ellen, Beauregard, and Jenny Lind
As soon as the Str Ruthoen is put in a stable of repair, she will also be turned over as above indicated.
Capt. Thos Chubb is assigned to duty as Steamboat Inspector & Superintendent of Steamboat repairs at Lynchburg Tex. He will push forward the necessary repairs upon the Island City now on the ways, and as soon as they are completed will proceed to have repaired the Bayou City.
Capt Lubbock will also turn over to the Chf QM at Valesco, the Steamboat Era.

SO 101 Houston Texas Dec 20, 1864
1. The locomotive and fixtures, the property of the Eastern Texas R. R. Company, now in the possession of the Texas & New Orleans RR will be turned over to Mr. R. W. Dunn, Supdt Torpedo Service by Maj Wm. M. Stone Chief QM of the Dist, after he has taken possession of the same under the law of impressment.

SO 102 Houston Tex December 21, 1864
15. Pri. A. Bothner of 2d Co. Engineer Troops is hereby detailed for sixty days, to work as a Blacksmith in the shops of Mr Hiram Close on the machinery of Torpedo boat, subject to the approval of Dept Head QM.

SO 110 Houston Texas December 29, 1864
12. The following named privates are hereby detailed for 90 days to report to Capt Thos H. Chubb Ins Steamboats at Lynchburg Tex. (4 machinists listed)

SO 12 Houston Texas January 12, 1865
3. Capt. H. S. Lubbock, Comdg Marine Dept, will proceed to Orange, Texas, for the purpose of making a minute inspection of the Government Ship Yard at that point.

SO 52 Houston Texas February 21, 1865
7. All the detailed men employed at the Govt Ship Yard at Tyber Creek will be taken up by Maj. J. C. Stafford QM upon his returns of persons and articles hired and employed.
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