Free/Slave population of New Mexico Territory (1860)

Desert Kid

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Dec 3, 2011
At long last I found a resource on the United States Census inquiry into the New Mexico Territory as it was at the onset of the war.

The New Mexico Territory included the entirety of modern New Mexico and Arizona until 1863, or arguably 1861, with the secession of Dona Ana and Arizona Counties to form Confederate Arizona.

Dona Ana County, NT is today Dona Ana, Luna, Grant, Hidalgo, Catron, Otero, Eddy, Chavez and Lea County, New Mexico.
Arizona County, NT is today Cochise and Pima County with chunks of southern Graham and Greenlee County, Arizona.

Tucson had a population of roughly 800 at the time.


Jul 11, 2011
I wonder how New Mexico Hispanos, particularly the non English speaking ones were classified in the census.

As the census only lists "white", does this include Hispanos as well? Or, does the census only count Anglos as whites and leave out Hispanos?

My guess is that the Indians listed census are fully acculturated or fully pacified Indians. Indians not in these categories were probably not inclined to provide census information and were thus left out.