Franklin-Nashville Campaign: What was the point?

Jan 29, 2019
Brig. General Samuel Wragg Ferguson and his Cavalry Brigade was operating with Hood after the fall of Atlanta during what became known as "Hood`s Operations in North Georgia and North Alabama". During this time (29 Sep 1864 - 28 Oct 1864) Hood had told him that his plan was to go into Tennessee and on to Kentucky, and once there either continue marching north to Ohio or turn east and join forces with General Robert E. Lee`s Army of Northern Virginia to place direct pressure on Lincoln at Washington. Years later when asked about this aspect of the ACW, Ferguson would always refer to Hood`s Tennessee Campaign as "Hood`s March to Tennessee and Kentucky". He wrote several passages in his memoirs and personal papers to that effect as well. Another interesting thing that Ferguson spoke on during this time of the War was that initially Wheeler`s Cavalry Corps was supposed to go into Tennessee with Hood, but Hood changed his mind and called up Forrest`s Cavalry Corps to go with him instead, who had been operating between the Mississippi Delta and middle Tennessee. I guess that Hood had much more confidence in Forrest than Wheeler. Then on 28 Oct 1864, just before Hood crossed into Tennessee he ordered Ferguson back to Atlanta to keep an eye on Sherman. At that time Wheeler had been up in Tennessee for several weeks on raids and Ferguson was temporarily given control of the entire Cavalry in Georgia until General Wheeler returned from his raid and joined Ferguson near Atlanta on 9 Nov 1864. Day`s later this lead to them Harassing Sherman`s rear on his march from Atlanta to Savannah as Hood was making his way northward through Tennessee. I think at the time "Hood`s March to Tennessee and Kentucky" was a sound strategy... but only if Hood could make it out of Tennessee to Kentucky and then make the decision to continue to Ohio or turn towards Virginia.
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