"Frank Wesson Gunmaker" 3 volume book set

May 1, 2015
Upstate N.Y.
Wondering if anyone has a set of these books . Not in a hurry to purchase ($400.00) if mainly photos. I just purchased a Two Trigger .44RF long, 1st Type Carbine and am looking for more info. I have most of the Carbine books, but very little is written about these or online. 5.75 lbs.,24"oct. barrel, 39.25 OAL 1859-1862 till 2nd type. Kittredge in Ohio was the agent. Some carry their stamp and some do not. Government purchase 150 , but Mid West State Militia's purchased about 3-4 thousand. There were five types in .22,.32.38 & .44. The .44 was the Military version with sling attachments. They also were made in a sporting version. I'll post photos once I have it in hand. The forward enclosed trigger acts to release the barrel in tipping it forward controlled by a stop to load and unload much like a break action shotgun. Some of these were present and used at Gettysburg and other major battles also into the Indian Wars. I really don't want an expensive picture book. Thanks in advance.
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