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A. Roy

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Sep 2, 2019
Raleigh, North Carolina
Good to hear that you took on this position! I've done a small amount of historical fiction, but focused on the ancient world. I'd be interested to hear your and others' thoughts about how to create authenticity when writing about past times.

Roy B.


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May 7, 2016
Congrats on the promotion. Looking forward to seeing some interesting stories. Let me know if you need anything.
Sep 28, 2013
Southwest Mississippi
Congrats with the new position !
I enjoyed my time as a forum host, no doubt you will too !

when I was but 5 years old! I'm told that apparently I was a small "knowitall" pointing out various statues and locations.

Welcome to the club !

I was doing the exact same thing at age five. :bounce:

There exists old home movies of me conducting family tours at Vicksburg . . . unfortunately there was no sound way back then.
I would love to hear what I was saying . . . as my 5 year old self was pointing at various statues and cannons during 1967.