Forum Host Introduction

Leigh Cole

Nov 9, 2016
Monroe, MI
Greetings from the Soldiers who fought on Horseback: Cavalry forum. I will be serving as host of this forum for 2021, so I suppose the first order of business should be an introduction.

I am a native for the Fredericksburg Virginia area. Growing up in my native habitat, surrounded by four major battlefields, naturally attracted my interest in the civil war at an early age. That attraction still holds my interest today, after three-quarters of a century.

I have had two nationally published works, The 9th​ Virginia Cavalry – The Eyes and Ears of Lee’s Army; America’s Civil War Magazine; April 2003 and my last work General Robert E. Lee’s Warhorses, Newman Springs Publishing, Red Bank NJ; 2020. Those works do not make me anymore of an expert in civil war cavalry affairs, then does having a great-great grandfather serving in the 9th​ Virginia cavalry for the duration of the four-year conflict. There are many of you that hold better credentials, better story telling attributes and better writing skills. This forum will need your contributions to become successful.

I volunteered to host this forum, because I wanted to give back to CWT. I will need your help in the discussion and dissemination of all things cavalry. Afterall, that’s how I view each of the forums on CWT; they are really your forums, where you get to participate by asking question and expressing your interest.

I look forward to the next year, interacting with great folks like you.
Greetings from Custer's adopted home, Monroe, MI.
Custer is especially my interest, but so are all things cavalry, Blue and Gray. I look forward to more of your writings, and if I can be of service with anything Custer, please let me know. I am good personal friends with most likely the worlds foremost living Custer historian, Steve Alexander. So if I don't know the info requested, I certainly know how to get it. Please don't hesitate to ask.