Fort White, and Belle Isle Gardens, South Carolina


May 17, 2007
Maryland...'bout 55 miles south of Gettysburg.
This is near Georgetown, South Carolina, and consists of what remains of the Confederate fort
which fought ships of the Union in a Civil War battle. Also on the site are several ancient oaks,
and the ruins of the home of Francis Marion, Revolutionary war hero.

I was there, ages ago, when a boy traveling there with relatives, and it impressed me.
I saw a large tree there next to the fort with a Union shell still embedded in it's side.
I have never seen such a thing outside of a museum or collector's exhibit!
I have no idea if the shell in the tree is still there, but I doubt it.
But there is still tons to see, and there is in the water near there the remains of
a sunken Union vessel. If you ever go, I hope you enjoy it!

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