Forgotten Forts Series - Fort McCausland


Sergeant Major
Jun 21, 2012
Louisville, KY
Fort McCausland was a Confederate earthwork fort built on a hill outside Lynchburg, Virginia in 1864. The fort was built for the defense of the city of Lynchburg as well as to defend a nearby stretch of railroad and bridge. The fortification was named after Brig. General John McCausland.

Construction of the fort began in the Summer of 1864 for the defense of the position as Union forces approached from the west under the commmand of Major General David Hunter. The fort was constructed by troops under the command of Lt. General Jubal A. Early.

During the Battle of Lynchburg on June 17-18, 1864 the fort saw action with Confederates holding the position throughout the battle. Union forces unable to enter Lynchburg withdrew leaving Fort McCausland in the hands of Confederate forces.

This would be the only major action the fort would see during the Civil War and it would be abandoned in 1865 after the war.

Today the fort no longer exists, however does note that earthern formation in the photograph above may be remnants of the earthworks of Fort McCausland. There are also multiple historical markers on the location where the fort once stood.

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