Forgotten Forts Series - Fort Chaplin


Sergeant Major
Jun 21, 2012
Louisville, KY
Fort Chaplin is an earthwork fortification located on the east side of Washington D.C..The fort was built in order to protect the eastern approaches to the city and was situated north of Fort DuPont and just south of Fort Mahan in the large ring of forts that surrounded Washington D.C.. The fort was named after Colonel Daniel Chaplin whom was killed by wounds suffered at the Battle of Fussell's Mill.

The fort was constructed on high ground known as Carnegie Heights in late 1864. The fort had a high parapet surrounded by a dry moat. Originally designed to mount between 11 to 12 guns the fort held only a single 24 lbs gun mounted to fire from defilade behind the fort's high earthern walls. No other structures were built inside the small Fort Chaplin as it was built close to the end of the war. During the war the fort and its small garrison saw no significant action.
F1125 Fort Chaplin, Earthworks, Bomb Proof looking east.JPG

In the Summer of 1865 following the war Fort Chaplin was abandoned and the ground given back to it's previous owner. Today Fort Chaplin is a park as is the case with many of the forts that once guarded Washington D.C. during the American Civil War. The remains of the fort still occupy the ground at the top of the heights in a wooded area with the earthern walls and moat still very distinguishable along with a few gun platforms. There is also a marker located in the park that can be seen in the top photo.

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