Foreign Born Generals in the U.S. Army 1861-65


Nov 15, 2014
Weitzel usually does not make the list because in most biographical dictionaries, or other secondary sources, his birthplace is given as Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was raised...
My most favorite foreign born General not on the list, proving the list is not complete, is Gottifreid Weitzel (his father changed the first name to Godfrey upon arrival in America). This man was Ben Butler most secret weapon as his top military advisor, who graduated second in his Class at West Point, with Cyrus Comstock being first that year, and a dear friend to Godfrey. I can only assume the Confederate apologist left him off because of his reputation: highly feared by Confederates and their supporters in Louisiana, defeated Robert E. Lee in the Lee directed counter attack to recapture Fort Harrison in 1864, made Corp Commander of the 25th Corp in 1865 ( which was composed of Negro Federal troops) and it is they who had the honor of seizing Richmond the Capital of the Confederacy. There is more to say about him but that should be enough for now.