CS Con -Ford, Samuel Howard - C.S. Delegate, KY

Samuel Howard Ford:

Born: February 19, 1819
Birthplace: London England
Father: Rev. Thomas Howard Ford 1790 – 1849
(Buried: Richland Baptist Cemetery Kingdom City Missouri)
1st​ Wife:
Priscilla A. S. Clark 1826 – 1847
(Buried: Old Lorimier Cemetery Cape Girardeau Missouri)
2nd​ Wife: Sallie Rochester 1828 – 1910
(Buried: Bellefontaine Cemetery Saint Louis Missouri)
March 6, 1855 in Scott County Kentucky

William J. Ford 1847 – 1847
(Buried: Old Lorimier Cemetery Cape Girardeau Missouri)
Rochester Ford 1857 – 1903
(Buried: Bellefontaine Cemetery Saint Louis Missouri)
Samuel Ford 1873 – 1913
(Buried: Bellefontaine Cemetery Saint Louis Missouri)

Religion: Baptist

Political Party: Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

Brought to the United States by his father a Baptist Minister.
1840: Became a licensed Baptist Preacher.
1843: Ordained a Baptist Preacher.
1844: Baptist Minister in Jefferson City Missouri.
1846: Baptist Minister in Saint Louis Missouri.
1846 – 1847: Baptist Minister in Cape Girardeau Missouri.
1847 – 1853: Baptist Minister in Memphis Tennessee.
Increased Baptist church membership in Memphis from 75 to 450.

While in Memphis he also constructed a church costing $75,000.00
1853 – 1860: Baptist Minister East Baptist Church Louisville Kentucky.
1854: Started Publishing Ford’s Christian Repository Newspaper.
His was wife was the author of five books and assisted her husband.
1860: Editor of Missouri Baptist wrote Origins of Baptists.

Civil War Career:

1861: Left Louisville Kentucky and aligned himself with Confederacy.
1861: Baptist Minister in Memphis Tennessee.
1861 – 1862: Kentucky Delegate Confederate Provisional Congress.
1861: Member of House Inauguration Committee.
1861 – 1862: Opposed giving President use of local defense forces.
1861–1862: Opposed giving governors use of the local militia officers.
1861 – 1862: Supporter of strengthening Central authority.
1862: Choose not to be a candidate for election to Congress.
1863 – 1865: Baptist Minister in Mobile Alabama.

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1871: Baptist Minister in Memphis Tennessee
1865 – 1905: Publisher of Christian Repository Newspaper
1871 – 1905: Lived in Saint Louis Missouri Author of many books especially on Baptist history.

July 5, 1905
Place of Death: Saint Louis Missouri
Age at time of Death: 86 years old
Burial Place: Bellefontaine Cemetery Saint Louis Missouri
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