CS Con -Foote, Henry Stuart Sr. - C.S. Congressman, TN

Henry Stuart Foote:
Born: February 28, 1804
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Birthplace: Fauquier County Virginia
Father: Richard Helm Foote 1773 – 1818
Mother: Celia Jane Stewart 1774 – 1815
1st​ Wife: Elizabeth Winter 1810 – 1855
(Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery Nashville Tennessee)
Married: March 22, 1827 in Tuscumbia Alabama
2nd​ Wife: Rachel Douglas Boyd 1831 – 1882
(Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery Nashville Tennessee)
Jane Foote Martin 1828 – 1905
(Buried: Mountain View Cemetery Oakland California)
Virginia Celia Foote Aldrich 1834 – 1917
(Buried: Cypress Lawn Memorial Park Colma California)
Annie Foote Stewart 1835 – 1902
(Buried: Cypress Lawn Memorial Park Colma California)
Henry Stuart Foote Jr. 1838 – 1905
(Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery Salt Lake City Utah)
Lt. Romilly E. Foote 1843 – 1880
(Buried: Aurora Cemetery Hawthorne Nevada)
William Winter Foote 1848 – 1904
(Buried: Mountain View Cemetery Oakland California)

Political Party: Democratic Party, American Party, Republican Party


1819: Graduated from Washington College

Occupation before War:
1823 – 1826: Attorney in Tuscumbia Alabama
1826 – 1847: Attorney in Jackson, Natchez, Vicksburg and Raymond Mississippi.
1830: Left Alabama to escape prosecution for dueling.
1841: Author of Texas and the Texans
1847 – 1852: United States Senator from Mississippi
1847 – 1849: Member of Senate Indian Affairs Committee
1847 – 1849: Member of Senate Public Expenditures Committee
1849 – 1851: Senate Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee
1850: Exchanged blow with Thomas Hart Benton on U.S. Senate floor.
1850: Key leader in the debates for the compromise of 1850.
Defeated Jefferson Davis in the election for Governor of Mississippi.
1852 – 1854: Governor of Mississippi
1854 – 1858: Attorney in San Francisco California.
1856: Campaigner for Millard Fillmore Presidential Campaign.
1858 – 1859: Attorney in Vicksburg Mississippi
1859: Member of Southern Convention held in Knoxville Tennessee.
1859 – 1861: Attorney in Nashville Tennessee
Known to have fought four duels.

Civil War Career:
1862 – 1865: Confederate States Congressman from Tennessee
1862 – 1865: Confederate House Chairman of Foreign Affairs.
1862 – 1864: Confederate House Chairman to Investigate military loses.
1862 – 1864: Directed President Jefferson Davis on Foreign Affairs.
1862 – 1865: Advocate for dismissing top Confederate Officials.
Proposed to Abolish the Confederate War Department.
1863 – 1864: Member of House Committee on Quartermaster
1863: Supporter of terms of Peace from President Abraham Lincoln
1864 – 1865: Chairman of Special Committee on Conduct of War.
1864 – 1865: Fought against the Davis Administration on every issue.
1865: Supporter of terms of Peace from President Abraham Lincoln
1865: Arrested by Confederate Army for attempting unauthorized Peace mission.
1865: expelled from Confederate Congress by Vote from Congress.
1865: Traveled to Europe after being accepted by Federal authorities.

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1878: Attorney in Washington D.C. and Nashville Tennessee
Friend of President Ulysses S. Grant
1866: Author of War of the Rebellion
1874: Author of Casket of Reminiscences
1875: Joined the Republican Political Party
1876: Author of The Bench and Bar of the South and Southwest
1876: Tennessee Delegate to Republican Party National Convention.
1878 – 1880: United States Superintendent of mint in New Orleans.

May 19, 1880
Place of Death: Nashville Tennessee
Age at time of Death: 76 years old
Burial Place: Mount Olivet Cemetery Nashville Tennessee

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The article states that he was bittetly hostile toward Jefferson Davis, He was known to be a violent-tempered person.
He did have a temper. He was actually attacked by a fellow politician from Alabama with a bowie knife. He was unharmed during the incident. I believe this occurred in the senate chambers.

According to Shelby Foote, he was involved in a fist fight with Jefferson Davis.