Following Alexander Gardner at Antietam (Some Graphic!)

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Feb 23, 2013
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... Interesting point I'll mention here about the Grove Farm. The house (you can see the roof behind the tents) was built by Philip Grove. His great-great-great grandson, George Grove, has been a member of The Kingston Trio (THE Kingston Trio) for 41 years now but is having his last performance this Saturday night in Asheville NC (sorry - tickets sold out the first day they were available). George is from NC and has never been to Sharpsburg. Maybe now he's retiring I might get him to come by.
During my revisit to Antietam this April my friend Doug (@1863surgeon) was able to get a better shot of the Grove House above using his camera's telescopic lens. Of course it also helped that the trees were still bare; it even shows up somewhat in my photo below!



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Jul 28, 2015
Very good thread. All of the Gardner photos seem to show Confederate dead at Antietam. Just curious, did he also take photos of Union dead at the battle?
Since he was a Northern photographer he wanted to show enemy dead not friendly, basically for profit concerns. Also being a Northern photographer, he would only be allowed on Northern held fields and as such, by the time he arrived, the burials of Northern troops were largely completed. Enemy dead were buried last.