Florida Secession and President John G. McGehee


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We, the people of the State of Florida, in convention assembled, do solemnly ordain, publish, and declare, That the State of Florida hereby withdraws herself from the confederacy of States existing under the name of the United States of America and from the existing Government of the said States; and that all political connection between her and the Government of said States ought to be, and the same is hereby, totally annulled, and said Union of States dissolved; and the State of Florida is hereby declared a sovereign and independent nation; and that all ordinances heretofore adopted, in so far as they create or recognize said Union, are rescinded; and all laws or parts of laws in force in this State, in so far as they recognize or assent to said Union, be, and they are hereby, repealed.

John Charles McGehee:

Born: September 6, 1801

Birthplace: Abbeville County South Carolina

Father: John March McGehee 1756 – 1828

Mother: Elizabeth “Betty” Meriwether 1760 -

Wife: Charlotte Arabella Dozier 1804 – 1858

(Buried: Old Oakland Cemetery Madison Florida)

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Cambridge South Carolina

Owner of Plantation in Madison County Florida

Shareholder of Union Bank of Tallahassee Florida

Political Career:

1839: Delegate to Florida State Constitution Convention

Judge of County Court in Madison County Florida

1861: President of Florida State Secession Convention

Member of Counselors to advice the Governor of Florida

Occupation after War:

1865 – 1866: Lived in Mexico returning to Florida in 1866

Builder of 15 miles of railroad from Greenville to Madison Fla.

1866 – 1881: Leader in Railroading in Florida

Died: October 10, 1881

Place of Death: Madison County Florida

Age at time of Death: 80 years old

Burial Place: Old Oakland Cemetery Madison Florida

Speech by John C. McGehee:
"At the South and with our people, of course, slavery is the element of all value, and a destruction of that destroys all that is property. This party, now soon to take possession of the powers of government, is sectional, irresponsible to us, and, driven on by an infuriated, fanatical madness that defies all opposition, must inevitably destroy every vestige of right growing out of property in slaves.”


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