Five Days, Three States, Nine Battlefields


Sergeant Major
Aug 20, 2009
Manor, TX
I just got back from a five-day trip to Maryland, Virginia, and briefly West Virginia. It was just me and my father, sort of recreating some of the trips we took when I was a boy (although this time there was beer - lots of it). Over the course of the trip, we visited nine battlefields: Monocacy, Antietam, Harper's Ferry, New Market, Cedar Creek, Fisher's Hill, Kernstown, Winchester, and, on the way back to Dulles Airport, Manassas. It one takes into account the multiple battles at three of these locations, we visited the sites of thirteen battles. We also saw the reenactments of Tom's Brook and Cedar Creek that took place as part of the 150th anniversary events on the Cedar Creek battlefield. I was especially focused on the events of Jubal Early's 1864 campaign as part of research for an upcoming novel, but visited Antietam and Manassas because I was passing by and there was no reason not to drop by.

I'll post some pictures and thoughts about particular battlefields when I get a chance. But I did find it very distasteful to see big highways plowing straight through Monocacy, New Market, and Cedar Creek. The unsurprising crowdedness of the Cedar Creek battlefield made it hard to get a true feel for it, but I was virtually alone at many of the other places. The folks who run the Kernstown battlefield are quite a friendly bunch and they do all the work purely on a volunteer basis.

Look for pictures coming soon.

Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!

Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!