★ ★  Fessenden, Francis

Francis Fessenden

Born: March 18, 1839

Birthplace: Portland, Maine

Father: U.S. Senator William P. Fessenden 1806 – 1869
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine)​

Mother: Ellen Maria Deering 1809 – 1857
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine)​

Wife: Ellen Winslow Fox 1839 – 1886
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine)​


Edward Fox Fessenden 1866 – 1887​
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine)​


1858: Graduated from Bowdoin College​

Occupation before War:

Attorney with his father’s law practice in Portland, Maine​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1866: Captain, United States Army, 19th Infantry Regiment​
1862: Wounded at the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee​
1862 – 1863: Colonel of 25th Maine Infantry Regiment​
1863: His term as Colonel of 25th Maine Infantry Expired​
1863 – 1864: Colonel of 30th Maine Infantry Regiment​
1864 – 1865: Brigadier General, Union Army Volunteers​
1864: Served in the Red River Campaign​
1864: Served in the Battle of Sabine Crossroads​
1864: Served in the Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana​
1864: Wounded in leg while leading assault at Monnet’s Ferry​
1864: His leg was amputated due to his leg wound he received​
1865: President of the Court of inquiry for the trial of Henry Wirz​
1865 – 1866: Major General, Union Army Volunteers​

Occupation after War:

1865: Division Commander in Union Army Dept. of West Virginia​
1866: Served in the Freedmen’s Bureau​
1866: Declined Appointment as Lt. Colonel in United States Army​
1866: Served in United States Army 28th Infantry Regiment​
1866: Retired from United States Army as Brig. General on Nov. 1st
1866 – 1906: Attorney in Portland, Maine​
1876: Mayor of Portland, Maine​
1906: Author of The Life and Services of William Pitt Fessenden
Commander of Maine Commandry of Military Order of Loyal Legion​
Member of the General Society of Colonial Wars​

Died: January 2, 1906

Place of Death: Portland, Maine

Cause of Death: Septicemia from osteomyelitis of stump of leg

Age at time of Death: 66 years old

Burial Place: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine
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