Female drummer of Mich. Inf. dies of wounds

JPK Huson 1863

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Feb 14, 2012
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Oh heck, of course newspapers dressed up a lot of these- remember Frank Martin? Story itself is based on a female soldier but by the time Frank became a ' thing ' she was ( literally, according to the romantic spins ) skipping around the camp, an adored kind of mascot to the regiment. You can sure see where scoffing was not out of place.

Have been trying to run down another story for years. The girl who followed her hero to war, hero had no idea she was there then she seems to have jumped in front of a bullet ( because you can see bullets on the way ) to save him. That's the problem with female soldier stories- there are apocryphal accounts so off the wall you can see where reading a few could convince someone none are true.

But. Imagine we knew nothing more of say, Sarah Edmonds, Michigan Bridget or Albert Cashier- just came across a story somewhere describing their war. Pretty outrageous claims about them, you'd think, except we know they're true.

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