Felix Robertson: The Only Texas General

Nov 8, 2018
Felix Robertson may be one of the lesser known generals of the war, and those who do know him mostly revile him for his actions at Saltville.
He was born in Texas on March 9th, 1840, the son of then U.S. Army officer Jerome Robertson, who'd go on to command the Texas Brigade at Gettysburg, Chickamauga, and the Knoxville Campaign. Felix will become the only native-born Texas general of the war.
He went to West Point in 1857 but left to join the forming Confederacy before he graduated. He was commisioned a Lieutenant of Artillery and took part in the bombardment of Fort Sumter. He commanded an Alabama battery in Braxton Bragg's Corps at Shiloh; for his actions here, Bragg would promote him to Major. He would command Joe Wheeler's Horse Artillery before he was promoted to Brigadier General on 26th July, 1864, first serving as Wheeler's Cheif of Staff.
He was then given a brigade of cavalry and took part in the 1st Battle of Saltville. Here, 100 black union troops were massacred by attached guerrilla troops. Robertson is believed to have taken part in the slaughter himself, bragging to one officer about having killed nearly all of the negroes. These actions disturbed many confederates leaders. He would not be prosecuted after the war, though author William C. Davis asserts he had personally "Join(ed) in the act of villainy". Champ Ferguson, one of his subordinate officer, was executed postwar for the act.
He would be wounded at a skirmish at Buck Head Creek in November. He would not return to field service after this.
His nomination to Brigadier was rejected in February of the next year.


Captured at Macon, 20th April 1865.
Settled in Waco and studied law. Attempted to get into local politics. Took part in Confederate reunion groups. Was Texas' representative at the 50th Anniversary of Gettysburg, 1913. Died 20th April, 1928

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Oct 22, 2012
Robertson was the last surviving General Officer of the Confederate States Army, having died in 1928.

I hate to ask this, I really do @Luke Freet , but where is there a source where we can learn about his conduct at Saltville?


First Sergeant
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
After his nomination to brigadier generalship was rejected did he immediatly demote back to his previous rank of colonel? Or is it, he never actually left it technically?

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