Jan 20, 2013
north central florida
1804-Samuel Read Anderson-CSA,Brig.Gen.born in Bedford County Virginia.
1816-Haller Nutt-Mississippi plantation owner born Laurel Hill Plantation,Jefferson County,Ms.
1819-After several days of sharp debate the House passes the Missouri statehood bill including both parts of the Tallmadge Admendment,making this the 1st.legislation demanding the abolition of slavery.The Act went to the Senate but was never voted on.
1824-William Farrar "Baldy"Smith,USA,Maj.Gen. is born in St.Albans,Vt.
1837-Francis Jay Herron,USA.Maj.Gen.Medal of Honor,is born in Pittsburg,Pa.
1862-Ulysses S.Grant,USA,is appointed Major General
David Bell Birney,USA, is appointed Brig.Gen.
Action at Sugar Creek or Pea Ridge,Ark,with Brig.Gen.Samuel R.Curtis,USA.
General John Floyd arrives in Nashville.
George Templeton Strong says if John B.Floyd is among the captured at Fort Donelson he should be turned over to P.T.Barnum to be exhibited for a profit.
1863-West Virginia approves a revised state constitution.
Gen.Grant rescind the order halting the publication of the Chicago Times ad a "Copperhead"Paper.
Maj.Gen.Samuel G.French,CSA,is placed in temporary command of the Dept.of North Carolina and Southern Virginia.
Union expedition from Lexington to Clifton,Tn,2/17-20/1863.
Union forces burn Hopefield,Ark,in retaliation after the Confederates from that town attack the USS Hercules.
Federal expedition from Murfreesboro to Libery,Tn,2/17-21/1863.
The Union ironclad USS Indianola,positions itself at the mouth of Red River on the Mississippi River to disturb confederate riverboats operating in that area.
Federal expedition from Memphis,Tn,against Confederate guerrillas harassing the federal rear.
1864-James Patton Anderson,CSA,is appointed Maj.Gen.
Skirmish at Black mill,Ark.
The CSS Huntley destroys the US Housatonic in Charleston Harbor.The Huntley also sinks.
Skirmish at Horse Head Creek,Ark.
Federal expedition from Island No.10 to Riley'S Landing,Tn,where federal capture a band of guerrillas caught asleep.
Skirmish in the Houlka Swamp,NEAR HoustonMs,the Meridian,Ms,Expedition
Federal expedition from Motley'S Ford,Tn,to Murphy and vicinity,NC,and the confiscation of large quantities of corn.2/17-22/1864.
Skirmish near Pontotoc,Ms,with Maj.Gen.Wm.T.Sherman,USA,the Meridian,Ms,Expedition.
Maj.Gen.William H.French,USA,resumes command of the 3rd,Army Corps,the Army of the Potomac.
Federal scout from Warrenton,Va,and skirmish near Piedmont,Va,with the federal capturing 13 of Maj.John S.Mosby'S Partisan Rangers.
1865-Sherman captures Columbia,SC, and the city is burned.
Charleston is evacuated.
The US Senate votes to repudiate any debt owed by the Confederacy to its creditors.
Louisiana ratifies the 13th Admendment.
Skirmish near Smithville,NC.
Skirmish at Ft.Buchannan,the Arizona Territory,as apache Indians on the warpath attack the fort.
Federal scout from Pine Bluff,Ark,to the Arkansas River,with skirmish Feb.17th, near Bayou Meto,Ark,2/17-18/1865.
Skirmish in Washington County,Ark.
The territory of Utah and part of the Nebraska Territory is added to the Dept.of Missouri.
Federal expedition from Plaquemines to The Park,La,2/17-22/1865.
Federal expedition from Eastport to Iuka,Ms,to capture rebels who where making a habit of into Iuka every night and staying till morning.Upon arriving at Iuka the Yankees find out that Lt.Gen.Nathan Bedford Forrest moved his men a week ago to West Point,Ms,about 100 miles away.
On a different note Geronimo died on this day in 1909.

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