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First up is @major bill , he has been very active in the Uniforms and relics forum! posting great content and really interesting things! Keep up the great work. Also Bill helped us very much recently with a forum matter and I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for doing so. But that has no bearing on the stellar work he is doing!

It is high time we thank some mods on our Moderation Committee - yeah I went there with "committee". we've been trying to change he way moderation works, and its a work in progress, but at this time each report that comes in, is open until at least two moderators give their opinions on what should be done. It may be a bit slower work than in the past, but I think we are getting to a more fair middle ground.

@bdtex, you have been the glue holding the mod squad together for the longest time, you always seem fair and impartial to me and keep an even keel. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do here at CWT, you've been a lifesaver!

@WJC - while I know it hasn't been a picnic being a moderator here, you've continued to do your very best to remain fair. We brought you on during a time where I couldn't be as present on the forum due to health issues and you did the best you could with what we gave you. Thank you very much for your continued hard work here at CWT!
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Aug 25, 2013
Hannover, Germany
Thank you @major bill, @bdtex and @WJC for all you do!

And thank you, @ami for letting us have a glimpse behind the stage in terms of changing moderation rules.
I think a lot of members have heard complaints concerning moderation in the past and it is good to see that you and all staff are not just ignoring that but work on it. That shows personal greatness and will have an excellent effect on the community! I do appreciate it!
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