Brass Napoleon Award Favorite Facial Hair Contest! Selecting the winning photo.

Jan 24, 2013
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The contest will be kinda/sorta/maybe like a 64-team college basketball tournament. For the first week I’ll post eight groups of eight photos. Then everyone votes for their favorite of each group. The four photos with the most votes from each group will advance to the second week.

The second week you all vote for your favorite from eight groups of four photos. Two from each group will advance.

The third week you all vote for your favorite from eight groups of two photos. One from each group will make it to the final round. Hopefully your choices (one from each of the original eight-photo groups) have survived to this final round!

The final round voting will continue as above until one photo is left. (8 photos to 4 photos to 2 photos to 1 photo.) This will be the winning photo! Maybe you will have chosen the winner!! The winner gets the prize from CWT!

Week 1- 8 groups of 8 photos
Week 2 - 8 groups of 4 photos
Week 3 - 8 groups of 2 photos
Week 4 - 8 groups of 1 photo become 1 group of 8 photos
Week 5 - 1 group of 4 photos
Week 6 - 1 group of 2 photos
Week 7 - final winning photo!

~A separate post about how you post your votes will come later.~

Basketball games do not end in a tie. But it is possible with these photos. So, what if there is a tie between photos?

Any ties will add an extra week of voting. This could add a few weeks to the length of the contest.

Example: If the first round voting is Custer 19 votes, Grant 6 votes, Bragg 2 votes, Beauregard 2 votes, Pleasanton 2 votes then Bragg, Beauregard and Pleasanton will got into a tie-breaker vote. (Only four photos are to advance to the next round.) All members will vote and the top two photos will advance. Note: these officers are not in the contest.

If there is still a tie I will put the names of the tied photos in a hat and draw the name(s) that will advance.

What if the required number photos are not selected during any week of voting? Then only those photos with votes will continue. Example: during week one four photos from each group will advance to the next week. If only three photos from one group are chosen they will advance to week two when only one will be eliminated.

There was positive response from CWT members about this contest! But something like this has never been attempted. I might be overlooking something or making a mistake. This is where feedback from CWT members is important! Express your thoughts, questions, etc. about selecting the winning photo. Hints, ideas, etc. Thank you.

All the Voting Posts
Quarter Finals
Quarter Final Tie Breaker
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Jan 24, 2013
Are you going to do votibg with a poll? Or tally respobses. Currently we only have 20 options for a poll. We may need to work something out
No worries. Only need eight options. Eight separate threads for each round. Eight choices per thread.

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