Father of Secession - Robert Barnwell Rhett


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Apr 11, 2016
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Robert Barnwell Rhett:

Born: December 21, 1800

Birthplace: Beaufort South Carolina

Father: James Harvey Smith 1761 – 1835

Mother: Marianna Barnwell Gough 1773 – 1837

1st Wife: Elizabeth Washington Burnett 1809 – 1852

(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina)

Married: February 21, 1827 in Beaufort County South Carolina

2nd Wife: Katherine Herbert 1821 – 1882

(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina)

Married: May 15, 1854 in New York City New York


Colonel Robert Barnwell Rhett Jr. 1828 – 1905

(Buried: Maple Hill Cemetery Huntsville Alabama)

Colonel Alfred Moore Rhett 1829 – 1889

(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina)

Major Andrew Burnet Rhett 1833 – 1879

(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina)

Edmund Rhett 1835 – 1871

(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina)

Lt. Robert Woodward Rhett 1838 – 1862

(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina)

Elise Rhett Lewis 1841 – 1927

(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina)

Sarah Taylor Rhett Roman 1844 – 1921

(Buried: Elmwood Memorial Gardens Columbia South Carolina)

Claudine Rhett 1846 – 1929

(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina)

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Beaufort South Carolina

1826 – 1832: South Carolina State Representative

1832 – 1837: South Carolina State Attorney General

1837 – 1849: U.S. Congressman from South Carolina

1844: Leader of the Blufton Movement to return nullification

1850 – 1852: United States Senator from South Carolina

Advocate for Secession in opposition to Compromise of 1850

1850: Member of Nashville Tennessee Convention

1850: Helped establish Southern National Party

Civil War Career:

1860: Delegate to South Carolina State Secession Convention

1861 – 1862: Deputy to Confederate States Congress

Chairman of Committee to report Confederate Constitution

1862 – 1865: Criticized war policies of President Jefferson Davis

Occupation after War:

Refused to apply for Presidential Pardon

1868: Delegate to Democratic Party National Convention

Died: September 14, 1876

Place of Death: St. James Parish Louisiana

Cause of Death: Weakness caused from Skin Cancer

Age at time of Death: 75 years old

Burial Place: Magnolia Cemetery Charleston South Carolina


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Aug 4, 2019
When you look upon this Man's face you see one, who as one of the leading southern Fire Eaters militants, who played a very significant role that lead to the deaths of over 600,000 Americans.


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Aug 20, 2018
Correct me if I’m mistaken, but didn’t Rhett do his level best to talk Confederate high command out of firing on Sumpter?