USN Farragut, David Glasgow - Vice Admiral

David Glasgow Farragut

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Born: July 5, 1801

Birthplace: Knoxville, Tennessee

Birth Name: James Glasgow Farragut
Ancestry: Spanish and Scotch-Irish

Father: George Farragut 1755 – 1817

Mother: Elizabeth Shine 1765 – 1808

Foster Father: Commodore David Porter, USN

Foster Brother: Admiral David Dixon Porter

Foster Brother: Commodore William D. Porter

1st Wife: Susan Caroline Marchant 1805 – 1840
(Buried: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia)​

Married: September 2nd, 1824

2nd Wife: Virginia Dorcas Loyall 1824 – 1884
(Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York)​

Married: December 26th, 1843



Loyall Farragut 1844 – 1916​
(Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York)​

Antebellum History:

1808: After the death of his mother, his father arranged for his adoption to family friend David Porter​
1810: Entered the United States Navy as a Midshipman at age 9​
1812: Changed his first name from "James" to "David" in honor of his foster father​
1812 – 1815: Assigned to the U.S.S. Essex, serving under his foster father, David Porter​
1815 – 1817: Serving in the Mediterranean Sea on U.S.S. Independence
1818: Studied Ashore for nine months in Tunis, Tunisia​
1819: Served as Lt. in U.S. Navy on U.S.S. Shark
1823: Assigned his first command, the Schooner U.S.S. Ferret
1825: Promoted to Lt. on the frigate U.S.S Brandywine
1825 – 1841: Lt. in United States Navy​
1826 – 1838: Served as Subordinate in United States Navy​
1838: Commander of the Sloop U.S.S. Erie
1841 – 1855: Commander in United States Navy​
Commander of U.S.S. Saratoga in Mexican – American War​
1848 – 1853: Assistant Inspector of Ordnance, Norfolk Navy Yard​
1852 – 1853: Superintendent of testing endurance of naval guns​
1853 – 1854: Served on Duty in Washington, D.C.​
1855 – 1862: Captain in United States Navy​
1854 – 1858: Duty Establishing Mare Island Navy Yard, San Francisco​
1858 – 1859: Commander of Sloop U.S.S. Brooklyn
1860 – 1861: Stationed at Norfolk Navy Yard​

Civil War Career:

1862: Commander of U.S.S. Hartford, West Gulf Blockading Squadron​
1862: Commander of Union Occupied New Orleans, Louisiana​
1862: Wounded near Vicksburg, Mississippi on June 23rd
1862 – 1864: Rear Admiral of United States Navy​
1863: Commander of Naval Forces at Battle of Port Hudson​
1863: Commander of U.S.S. Monongahela
1863: Commander of U.S.S. Pensacola
1864: Naval Commander at the Battle of Mobile Bay​
1864: Declined command of North Atlantic Blocking Squadron​
1864 – 1866: Vice Admiral of the United States Navy​
1865: Served as Pallbearer at funeral of President Abraham Lincoln​

Occupation after War:

1864 – 1866: Vice Admiral of the United States Navy​
1866 – 1870: Admiral of the United States Navy​
1867 – 1868: Commander of European Squadron and U.S.S. Franklin

Died: August 14, 1870

Place of Death:
Portsmouth Navy Yard, Kittery, Maine

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Age at time of Death: 69 years old

Burial Place: Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York

record of service aboard naval shipping
Served 57 Years in the United States Navy
Witness to War of 1812, Mexican–American War, and the American Civil War
Commanded 7 Commissioned U.S. Navy Ships & 2 U.S. Navy Squadrons
Farragut is the U.S. Navy's First 4-star Admiral

:tinyus34:1811-1815Frigate USS Essex IMade the prize master of the Alexander Barclay
:tinyus34:1815-1819Ship-of-the-Line USS Independence IIIn service with the Mediterranean Squadron
:tinyus34:1819Schooner USS SharkServed as a lieutenant.
:tinyus34:1823-1824Schooner USS Ferret IIIFarragut's First Command
:tinyus34:1825Frigate USS Brandywine
:tinyus34:1837Ship-of-the-Line USS Delaware IIIServing as Executive Officer
:tinyus34:1837Schooner USS Boxer IICommanding
:tinyus34:1837Sloop-of-War USS Decatur ICommanding
:tinyus34:1838Sloop-of-War USS Erie ICommanding
:tinyus34:1844-1846Receiving Ship USS PennsylvaniaServing as Executive Officer, berthed at Norfolk Navy Yard
:tinyus34:1847-1848Sloop-of-War USS Saratoga IIICommanding, service on the blockade of Tuxpan
:tinyus34:1859-1860Screw Sloop-of-War USS Brooklyn ICommanding, in Gulf of Mexico
:tinyus34:1862-1864Screw Sloop-of-War USS HartfordFlagship for Farragut's West Gulf Blockading Squadron
:tinyus34:1867-1868Screw Frigate USS FranklinFlagship for Farragut's European Squadron

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Nov 22, 2020
Impressed that gentlemanrob got it correct in that Farragut died at Portsmouth, NH Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME. The only way in is through Kittery, although the island belongs to NH. I was stationed there in the MarDet, USNDC.