"Faithful Friends Until Death"


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May 12, 2010
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In the recent edition of the UDC Magazine (June/July) there is article "Faithful Friends Until Death". It tells the importance of animals to Confederate and Union Soldiers.

There is mention of General Lee's horses and especially Traveller. Also mention of Stonewall Jackson's horse. The article mentions General Grant's favorite horse, Cincinnati.

All types of mascots were kept by both the North and South. Dogs were probably the most favorite. Many dogs had special jobs such as couriers, while others were lookouts or served as loving companions.

The best description of the value of canine mascots was stated by Lieutenant George Harding of the 21st Indiana. He stated "The dog is not a mercenary; he is a faithful friend until death".

All American should be forever grateful and thankful for the physical and soulful comfort of animals, then and now.

From UDC Magazine, June/July, 2019.

Patrick H

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Mar 7, 2014
I agree completely. Reading about guys who had multiple horses shot out from under them just freaks me out.