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Civil War Talk Grave Pictures Wanted:

Do you enjoy photography and taking pictures? If you answered yes then Civil War Talk could use your help. We are always needing photos of graves for our profiles. In the next couple of weeks Civil War Talk will be needing photos of graves for profiles so please stay tuned you never know if a city might be close to you.

Currently Needed:

New York:

West Point:

Brig. General Robert Anderson (Kentucky) 1805 – 1871

Brig. General John Buford (Kentucky) 1826 – 1863

Major General Daniel Butterfield (New York) 1831 – 1901

Major General George Armstrong Custer (Ohio) 1839 – 1876

Major General Quincy Adams Gillmore (Ohio) 1825 – 1888

Major General Erasmus Darwin Keyes (Massachusetts) 1810 – 1895

Major General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick (New Jersey) 1836 – 1881

Major General Wesley Merritt (New York) 1834 – 1910

Major General Winfield Scott (Virginia) 1786 – 1866

Major General George Sykes (Delaware) 1822 – 1880


-Photographers will be given credit for any photos used in this project with a caption.

-We are looking for crisp, clear, full monument / marker photos...

-For large monuments think:

A bit of sky at the top,

the monument filling most of the frame,

a little bit of grass at the bottom...

-We also want detail photos of the person's name and any interesting detail on and around the monument or marker.

-We prefer to use photos that YOU have taken, and are willing to submit to our project.

-If you find a photo on the internet, and you want to submit it, it MUST BE PUBLIC DOMAIN ONLY.

-Common places to find Public Domain photos include Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Commons. Other sources might include the NPS, and the Military, as such sources of photos are taken as part of their job, therefore government resources, they are also considered Public Domain.

-Creative Commons Photos require permission when posting them on a site like CivilWarTalk; remember, we have advertisements, and Creative Commons Photos prohibits their free use on Commercial Sites.

-Do not post photos you do not have permission to share!

-If you want to post a photo on this thread for review, you may do so!

-You are welcomed to send me a message with a photo if you prefer!
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Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!