Ewell on the 2nd Day and books about it?


Jul 24, 2016
Harry Pfanz's book Gettysburg: Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill is a fine choice for the events on day two.

The Second Day at Gettysburg - Essays on Confederate and Union Leadership edited by Gary Gallagher.

You might want to search for Gettysburg Battlewalks on the internet. These are videos of park rangers discussing various aspects of the Battle of Gettysburg. Many are available on YouTube to watch as well as on the following link to purchase, click on the PCN Gettysburg Collection box: https://pcntv.com/shop/

I believe a few are devoted to topics regarding Ewell's actions.

If you can locate indexes for them, the Gettysburg Magazine has had several articles throughout the years. If I can locate what specific issues these articles are in I'll update this post.