European Unionists 1: A Leap in the Dark (Free 10 Chapter Preview)


Oct 13, 2019
North of the Wall & South of the Canucks
With Covid-19 stressing us out, causing plans to be changed and many stuck at home, I have decided to release the first 10 chapters of my work in progress book: European Unionists 1: A Leap in the Dark.



The year is 1845. On the English ship Carrok, Albert and Naomi are 3 year old twins. Their parents die in the crossing from Ireland to the New World. They are adopted by a young couple expecting their first child, this young couple also looking for a new life in the almost mythical land called America.

In the Autro-Hungarian Empire, shortly outside of Prague, 13 year old Alexios delivers his 8 year old sister Barbara to their grandfather’s to spend the night. Her night is violently shattered as her grandfather and his entire household is assassinated, and she barely escapes due to miraculous circumstances.

The story follows these four youngsters as they arrive in America, one set orphaned and the other forced to abandon their lives of privilege and start all over again between 1845-1858 in the forests of Maine.

I would give it a soft “M” rating at the moment. There is a currently a few scenes with varying degree of gore, offscreen suicide, some sexuality (nothing beyond a pg-13 rating) and swearing throughout, including racial epitaphs.

To access the story, click on the following: Google Doc link to Preview.


This is in the second draft, so its not perfect. You will however be able to enjoy the first couple of chapters in a more polished form than the rough draft. There will also be two additional parts, so 30 chapters overall. You should also get a pretty good idea of what and whom each characters are, at least in this stage of their lives.

I also am opening this up to thoughts and opinions. If you have suggestions for the story, or ideas on how to overall improve it, you are invited to leave those thoughts on them.

How are the characters? Where do you think the story’s strengths and weaknesses? Would breaking it into two parts, which would increase the number of chapters be better? What would you like to see in the remaining two parts of the story?

Have fun everyone!
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